Welcome to St Michael's Church, Flixton. We believe that worship is our primary purpose before God, and all else in our Christian life should flow from that. Christians have worshipped on this site for at least 900 years making this one of the ancient parishes of Manchester Diocese.

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Saint Michael's Church, Flixton
348 Church Road
M41 6HR

Email: stmichaelflixton@gmail.com

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Theology at St Michael's

Friday Night Theology

We host regular theology evenings on a Friday evening in church to explore contemporary issues in theology which relate to our daily lives.

Guest speakers lead the discussion, which sometimes continues in the Church Inn next door.

The debates are relaxed, inclusive, and challenging.

Discussion topics have included:
Religion and science A Christian response to Atheism
Climate Change
Politics and Faith
Media and Communications Today
What’s the Point of Theology anyway, led by Canon Theologian Andrew Shanks.
Do Aliens exist? If there is somebody out there, what does it mean for Christians?
All in the genes? - Where Genetics and Christianity collide...
Miracles do happen...?
God as Trinity
Bread and Wine? Body and Blood?
Do Ghosts exist?
How do you train someone to be a priest?

Upcoming sessions

Friday Night Theology will restart in the Autumn, keep an eye on this page to find out what's coming up!