Welcome to St Michael's Church, Flixton. We believe that worship is our primary purpose before God, and all else in our Christian life should flow from that. Christians have worshipped on this site for at least 900 years making this one of the ancient parishes of Manchester Diocese.

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Saint Michael's Church, Flixton
348 Church Road
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The St Michael's Annual Lecture

The Annual Lecture series brings contemporary faith based thinkers to Flixton.

In previous years we have welcomed Rabbi Reuven Silverman from the Manchester Reform Synagogue, Bishop Stephen Lowe, Dr Peter Barbaris and Professor Peter Scott to St Michael's.

A writer and broadcaster involved in inter-faith dialogue, Rabbi Silverman is one of the most forward thinking educators of his generation.

Bishop Lowe was the Church of England's first Bishop for Urban Life and Faith, promoting and disseminating the conclusions of the Faithful Cities report. He is noted for his comments in August 2004 on the hymn I Vow to Thee, My Country when he called for its first verse to be removed from Church of England services, calling it 'totally heretical'. Bishop Lowe can frequently be heard on Stephen Nolan's R5Live show.

Dr Peter Barbaris is Professor of Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University specialising in the history of the British civil service, British foreign policy and public service ethics.

Peter Scott is Samuel Ferguson Professor of Applied Theology at The University of Manchester.


Past Speakers and topics

2015: Professor Peter Scott wondered why no-one cares about the environment

2014: Dr Peter Barbaris spoke on the topic 'Losing the idea of public service' Can the Church help save the nation or is it part of the problem?'

2013: Bishop Stephen Lowe talked about Christianity and Citizenship - Does faith make a difference?

2012: Rabbi Reuven Silverman talking on Jewish Mission